Consignment items are previously owned diecast replicas. Many times they will be items that are nearly impossible to locate at all except through a private collector. The owner have enlisted the services of (CHEVY & CORVETTE PARTS / POWER BOOKS) to market, sell and ship their items. These items are located in our warehouse and will ship with the rest of your order. As always we will not knowingly ship you a damaged item. However consignment items may not meet the 'mint in box' and/or 'mint box' status that would be expected from a factory new item. Any variation from like new condition will be noted on the individual item page. Examples of these variations include no straps (opening parts will be secured typically with clear tape), box wear or damage, presence of dust etc...  The pricing will also reflect any variations from mint in box.

Consignment items are identified with a prefix of 'CON' to our regular item number.


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